00:03Hello everyone and welcome to the street generation tutorial.

00:06This is Andy on your speakers.

00:08And I'm going to show you how to create a street network in the first half...

00:13...and creating detailed street models by applying shape rules in the second half.

00:19What you see here in this scene is a simple landscape with a height map...

00:26...and an obstacle map beneath.

00:29The black areas in the obstacle map are areas where no streets should be generated.

00:36We start the streets by creating a single one around here.

00:41We're going to select the street and fire up the Grow Streets dialog.

00:51I'm going to create 1,000 streets here and to tell the...

00:59...algorithm to follow the Heightmap and follow the Obstacle map and hit Apply.

01:05Streets have generated now, as you can see.

01:09I want some more streets around here and some more around here.

01:22As you can see, there are too many streets generated in this area below here.

01:27So I'm just going to select those and delete them.

01:30We don't need them.

01:32Also here and here.

01:39So here we are.

01:40We already have a street network for our area.

01:44In the second step, we are going to create the street shapes out of this street graph.

01:50So I select the street network layer and select Create Street Shapes.

01:58I can now hide the street network so we see the street shapes better.

02:05As you can see, zooming in here that all the parts are created for you like...

02:10...crossings, streets, and sidewalk elements.

02:14I'm now going to use the provided symbol street...

02:17...CGA rule to create the street models here.

02:20So, selecting the street shapes layer and I'm going to assign this simple street rule file.

02:31Select an area here and generate -- hide the street shapes layer -- zoom in here... the crossing folks here and you see that, with this simple rule...

02:46...already quite detailed street models can be generated.

02:49They consist of street textures extruded sidewalks and two different lamp types.

02:57As always, we can fire up the Inspector...

03:02...and change, let's say the avgLampdist, from 5 to 10 meters.

03:07On this element here, we generate and have less lamps in case you don't like that many.

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Creating Streets in CityEngine

This video explains how to create a street network and increase the street detail inside of CityEngine.

  • Recorded: Dec 13th, 2011
  • Runtime: 03:17
  • Views: 2932
  • Published: Dec 14th, 2011
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Don't use this tutorial if you are working with a newer version as the interface is way different which makes it difficult to follow an already quick paced tutorial
Tim.hkgi 4 Years ago
  • 1 total