00:01Welcome, I'd like to introduce you... interactively enhancing imagery in ArcGIS 10.1.

00:06I have ArcMap open, and I'm just going to add some imagery that comes from an...

00:10...IKONOS-2 satellite; it was taken over Korea in April of 2006.

00:16I'm going to add the Pansharpened raster product to the display.

00:22You can see that when it's added that it's added using a natural band-color...

00:26...combination and it's already stretched.

00:30I want to zoom into this area here and look at an airport runway.

00:40What I would ideally like to do is be able to map...

00:43...the paint lines that exist on this current runway.

00:47I'm going to zoom a little bit closer in and you can see that they are visible, but there are...

00:52...things that we can do that's better.

00:54For this, I'm going to use the Image Analysis window.

01:00In this window, there's an Interactive Stretch tool so that I can adjust the histogram.

01:08I can see that when I slide these in and out, certain colors become brighter and darker.

01:15I'm going to play with this to decide which one to adjust.

01:21Currently, the stretch that's being applied is the Percent Clip, which I can see over here... my Image Analysis window.

01:27I'm going to adjust the Percent Clip for all of these bands.

01:34That immediately looks a little bit better; I can certainly see some of these lines right away.

01:41But what I'm concerned about is the washout in some aeras along the runways... I'm just going to remove the clip on this other end.

01:50And you can see that the detail is coming back.

01:53Next, I can use the sliders to maybe add a bit more contrast... bring out the differences between the light and dark colors.

02:04And as I'm inching it toward the right-hand side, I can see that these colors now are...

02:10...really popping out.

02:11I can also adjust the gamma to make the image slightly darker and slightly brighter.

02:19So now you can see how I can easily pick out the painted lines on this runway.

02:25And I can also see some of these orange markers in here...

02:29...that seems to line up with some of these other lines.

02:32This is just one stretch to bring out certain features.

02:35You can see that this stretches isn't ideal for the whole image, though.

02:38I'm going to go down to this other area here, where this actually -- an outlet into the water.

02:46I want to change my band combination to go from the natural-color... combination to a color infrared.

02:51I'm going to use the Nearinfrared band, the Red, and the Green bands.

02:58So immediately this changes that you can see now the vegetation, in this case, is red.

03:03I'm just going to zoom in a little bit further in to the area that I want to pay attention to...

03:10...and I'm going to open up my Interactive Stretch tool again.

03:18What I would like to do is be able to see the channels a little bit better.

03:23Let me just reset everything to 0.

03:25You can see immediately that some features start to show up.

03:30I'm just going to play with this to try and decide which way I should be stretching this.

03:37And that certainly does make things pop, so let me make an adjustment... all of these histograms, and we can see more features in there immediately.

03:49I'm going to bring this in a little bit more and maybe back out.

03:56I might even try making this a little bit brighter.

04:01So immediately, I do like this; I'm going to zoom in again a little bit further...

04:06...and see if I can enhance some of these channels with adjusting my contrast...

04:19...and playing with the gamma, maybe adjusting my brightness.

04:38Right away, you can see this whole channel that comes up and along through here...

04:44...and these are the kind of things that I want to be able to map.

04:48This is just one example of how you and I can use ArcGIS... help you see useful information in your imagery.

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ArcGIS 10.1 New Feature: Interactive Histogram Stretch

Imagery is easier to make look good in ArcMap with the Interactive Histogram Stretch on the Image Analysis window in version 10.1.

  • Recorded: Nov 2nd, 2011
  • Runtime: 05:03
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  • Published: Nov 3rd, 2011
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