00:04In this demonstration, I will illustrate how you can convert static images in your web sites...

00:09...into fully functional, interactive mapping applications.

00:13For that, we will use the new site as well as ArcGIS Server services.

00:21With them, we will compose web maps that will finally embed into your web site.

00:31You are probably already familiar with the ArcGIS Services Directory.

00:35It lists all the GIS services running on your server.

00:39I am going to navigate to my Petroleum map service.

00:43As you know, you can preview this service right from the Services Directory.

00:48In ArcGIS Server 10, we added yet another option to preview your services.

00:53Click on the Map.

00:56In this application, you can now very easily offer web maps.

01:02You can see that your map service has been overlaid on top of a basemap.

01:06This basemap is coming from ArcGIS Online, but you can actually change it.

01:11If you go to details, you'll see that you can also control all the properties of your web map...

01:15...such as which layers, by default, are going to be turned on or off; and you can also...

01:21...manipulate things like the transparency of the services within your web map.

01:26Of course, you can add additional layers of information...

01:29...from ArcGIS Online, the web, or your own GIS server.

01:33I'm going to navigate to my own ArcGIS server and add one extra service -- very well.

01:44I'm going to define the initial extent of my map...

01:49...and that's about it; we have just composed a nice-looking web map.

01:53At this point, I can save it.

01:56This web map will be stored in my profile.

02:04Now that my web map has been saved, I could open it in different clients like...

02:08...ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Explorer Online and so on.

02:12And today, what we want to do is embed this web map into an existing site.

02:17So I can use this little piece of HTML code to achieve that.

02:23Let's go to our site; just to illustrate the process, I'm going to use planning in Firefox...

02:29...which allows me to inspect the different HTML limits of a web site.

02:36So you can see that I can click on this element, and actually in this bottom part of...

02:40...the screen, I can edit, dynamically, the HTML content; as I type over here...

02:46...the HTML content changes and is reflected in my web site.

02:52As I had said, I wanted to replace this static image with an interactive map.

02:55So I am going to click on it and edit this HTML content.

03:00Now, I will basically paste the HTML code that I took from the application.

03:07And that's it -- here you go.

03:09If you want to adjust the size, you can always come here and edit the content.

03:13In this case, to make the map a little bit wider.

03:18This shows how you can easily edit the HTML content of a site and embed a web map.

03:24This web map was authored in and is displaying your own...

03:28...ArcGIS Server services -- everything with very little knowledge of HTML.

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Embedding Web Maps

In this video, ArcGIS Server product manager Ismael Chivite shows how to use to create an interactive map that you can easily embed as a component within a web page.

  • Recorded: Aug 13th, 2010
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  • Published: Aug 30th, 2011
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