00:04In this presentation, I'm going to convert a VB6 class that implements ICommand...

00:10...into VB.NET base class called, "Base Command."

00:13I'm going to start here at the Resource Center... this VB6 sample called "PanZoom Commands."

00:19Inside here, there's about 12 commands.

00:21I'm going to work with the FixedZoomIn command.

00:23It's a VB6 command, I'm going to convert it to VB.NET.

00:28I've downloaded it to my machine; the sample comes in as a Zip file.

00:31I unpack it -- it become a Visual Basic 6 project with a bunch of classes in it.

00:37As I open VB6, I can see my class with all the others.

00:42And when I look at its code, I see that it implements ICommand, so there's a whole...

00:47...bunch of property procedures in here implementing all the members.

00:51There's a couple of OnCreate, OnClick event at the end here.

00:57I'm really interested in the OnClick event and all of its code -- this is my business logic.

01:02So here I'm going to go and bring up Visual Studio 2008.

01:05And I'm going to start making my VB.NET project.

01:08There's some ArcGIS integration here, where I have Desktop and Engine loaded...

01:13...and here I can build an ArcMap class library.

01:16So here, I'm going to build RobsCommand.

01:20And we'll go ahead and let it create this project for us.

01:24It's going to ask me for some references.

01:26I'm not going to set these now.

01:27I'll set them later on and discuss the settings a little bit later on.

01:32I'm going to delete the initial class that it builds...

01:36...and what I'm going to do here is make my own.

01:39So I'm going to go to Add and add a new class in over here.

01:43When I do this adding of a class, I get another set of templates from ArcGIS...

01:48...and these templates are base classes; I want base command.

01:54And mine is called FixedZoom.

02:01We'll add that in here.

02:02Now it wants to know -- for this command, is it going to work in...

02:05...ArcGlobe, or ArcScene, or ArcCatalog?

02:07And mine is an ArcMap command so I'll add it in over there.

02:11You do get a .bmp file, but the one you get is kind of silly there... I'm going to add in one of my own.

02:18Not really one of my own, but an existing item.

02:22And here I'm going to go to the download folder...

02:24...where I downloaded the PanZoom sample.

02:27And there's a resource folder there with all the .bmp files for all those commands.

02:32So I'll grab the one I like here for the ZoomIn.

02:36And I'm going to make a change over here for the ZoomIn .bmp.

02:41Instead of it being a Build Action of Content, I'm going to build it as an embedded resource... that I don't have a file dependency sitting out there.

02:51I'm going to grab just the text name of this command; and then my VB project...

02:57...I want to come in here to the setting of the .bmp file, .bmp property.

03:05All right, so I've got that prepared.

03:08My other properties here are all text strings.

03:11Instead of property procedures, they're text strings...

03:13...because here, we have a BaseCommand, a BaseClass.

03:17We're inheriting from BaseCommand.

03:19BaseCommand internally implements ICommand.

03:24So here, we don't see all those property procedures -- just property settings.

03:28So I can delete those, and I've got some prepared here that I've typed in...

03:32...and then you don't have to watch me fumble through a lot of poor typing skills.

03:39All right, so now I've got the cosmetic part done.

03:42The next thing I need to do is get the business logic from VB6.

03:45So here's all that code in the OnClick event.

03:50I'm going to copy and paste it over to my Visual Studio's OnClick event for this button.

03:57Oops, I've gone down a little farther than I wanted to here.

04:00And you can see I have a couple of references missing that I didn't add in earlier.

04:04I want to show you here with IActiveView and IEnvelope.

04:08What if this is somebody else's code and you don't know that IActiveView comes from...

04:12...Esri ArcGIS Carto?

04:14You can use the Library Locator.

04:17Grab one of the interface names in question, type it in here, and search.

04:21And here, it will give you the .NET assembly or namespace that you need to reference.

04:27Well, let's reference those now.

04:28I'll go to the project and add ArcGIS Reference.

04:32In the Desktop ArcMap there, there's ArcGIS Carto.

04:36I know I'm going to need Display... I'll add it in also and then geometry was that other one for IEnvelope.

04:43I finished there; I need to add one more reference that didn't appear in the listing...

04:49...there, but it's a reference to the ArcGIS controls.

04:56I need to get those controls in here... I add in the reference to those controls.

05:03Let me scroll down here to -- one more -- and get controls in here.

05:09The references are still blue.

05:11I get to come up here and do imports.

05:14I need to import those name spaces, and I'm going to get those from...

05:20...exactly, I've typed them in already, so I don't have to worry about any typing mistakes.

05:25All right, now the last thing I need to do is...

05:29...I've got another blue area here that describes my hook.

05:34And I'm going to need to set up a reference to the hook, so I'm just going to copy and...

05:37...paste some more code from VB.

05:41There's a hook helper variable declared here.

05:44I'm going to get that hook helper variable and paste it in.

05:49And then just to go on the quicker side, there's two others that I need...

05:53...and I'm going to paste them into the OnCreate here.

05:57And I've got some comments as to where I grabbed these two lines of code.

06:02One is from initial highs in VB 6 and one is from the VB 6 OnCreate.

06:07So I've got all my code in here, I'm going to go ahead and build this solution.

06:11It looks like the build worked properly; now, I'm going to go to ArcMap.

06:15You can see all the counties that I've been to here; the green ones are all my...

06:19...counties that I've visited

06:21Here, you see the ArcGIS commands for Rob; the FixedZoomIn command.

06:25I'll drag it up here; you can see it looks like the same one on the Tools toolbar.

06:30If I click it a few times, it zooms in on the map.

06:32So we've had a very successful conversion here from VB 6 to VB.NET...

06:37...using the base command.

06:40I could follow this same process from my other 11 commands there in the sample...

06:45...and simply take their business logic and move it over to a new base command.

06:50Well, on behalf of Esri, I'm Rob Burke.

06:53And I hope you've enjoyed the presentation -- so long and tanks for listening!

Copyright 2016 Esri
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ArcGIS Application Migration: Converting Commands from VB6 to VB.NET

In this video, Rob Burke from Esri Educational Services provides a walk-through for how to convert a command class that implements ICommand from a VB6 project to a .NET project using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

  • Recorded: May 13th, 2010
  • Runtime: 07:03
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  • Published: Aug 18th, 2011
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