00:01Hi everyone, I'm Joe Holubar, I work on the Electric and Gas team here at Esri.

00:05And today I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the...

00:07...Electric Distribution Opeations Dashboard template that's currently available...

00:11...on the Electric and Gas Resource Center website.

00:15So Dashboard consists of really three different things.

00:17One is a basemap like your local data or online street data...

00:22...or even topographic data coming from different sources.

00:26The second key element is going to be your operational data, things like locations...

00:29...of critical customers, outages, customer complaints, or even transformer recalls... where the locations of all our transformers that need to be recalled...

00:37...regarding a certain manufacterer or model type.

00:41What I'm able to do with this widget on the right-hand side is hover over a record...

00:44...see the information as well as the flashing location of the asset.

00:48Click on that record -- it zooms to that location and provides more context... my data so things like my basemap getting more data as well as my network...

00:56...has given me more information.

01:01And the third and final component of what these applications really consist of...

01:06...are going to be things like our reporting layers.

01:10So reporting layers are pre-processed layers...

01:12...done ahead of time that provide more context to our data.

01:15So here, I'm going to turn on a Transformer Recall hotspot map we've done ahead of...

01:19...time here to show the clustering of all of our transformers that need to be recalled.

01:24So again, between this and our actual pysical locations of each transformer...

01:29...we are able to get more context and more information regarding a real simple request...

01:33...of recalling transformers and replacing them out.

01:37So those are the three main components of this application.

01:40A couple of other things to note are things like we have tools available.

01:43So things, for example, identifying features, querying demographic data...

01:47...or getting directions from point A to point B as well as live feeds...

01:52...drop-down or menu that shows US news, world news, and earthquakes.

01:57Again, these are all configurable through the template that's available...

02:00...on the Resource Center that you can go ahead and download today...

02:03...and set up using the sample data that we provide.

02:06And then moving forward, using your own local data and your own local network... that's a quick look at the operational dashboard.

02:15If you have any questions or comments, feel free to get ahold of us...

02:18...through the Resource Center along with a blog we will have available that we will be... posting more information and updates to all these different templates.

02:26And we look forward to hearing from all of you in the future -- thanks.

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Electric Distribution Operations Dashboard

The staff in your utility, including managers and executive directors needs an up-to-the-minute understanding of how your utility systems are performing, where employees are focusing their efforts and how customers are affected.

For example, an electric or gas operations manager with ArcGIS can quickly answer questions such as:
•What is the current operational status of the network?
•What incidents or outages are occurring and where?
•Are there any external environmental events that can impact operations?

The Electric Distribution Operations Dashboard Template can be used as a guide for implementing your own common operating picture to improve operational decision making in response to outages and other service impacting events.

  • Recorded: Jul 6th, 2010
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  • Published: Jun 22nd, 2011
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