00:03This video shows you how to create and publish an app from a template... find in ArcGIS Online.

00:09Templates are available in the Esri Featured Content gallery...

00:12...and are also accessible through the map viewer.

00:15These templates contain the code you need to configure your app...

00:17...that will be hosted on ArcGIS Online.

00:20This video assumes that you have been assigned a role within your organization...

00:23...that allows you to create and share items.

00:26First we will look at the configurable apps in the Esri Featured Content section of the Gallery.

00:31Select a template and open its details to get more information about the template.

00:35Depending on which template you pick, you can then publish the app.

00:40Enter a title, tags, and summary.

00:42Verify the folder where you want to save your published app and click OK.

00:46It’s that simple.

00:48Later in the video you will see how to configure and customize your new app.

00:52Next we will take a look at how to access the templates in the map viewer.

00:56Open a map that you have saved; then, click the Share button and click Make a Web Application

01:02Use the preview option to see how your map looks in the various templates...

01:05...noting the different functionality, legends, scale bars, layouts, and color schemes.

01:10For this demonstration, we will make an app with the Storytelling Text and Legend template.

01:15This template lets you display multiple layers via tabs.

01:19Click Publish; update the title, tags, and summary...

01:22...and verify the folder you are going to save it in.

01:24Then click Save & Publish.

01:26You’ve just created your app, and now you are going to configure it.

01:30Open the item details page and click Configure App.

01:33This is where you customize your app.

01:35You can change the color scheme, choose what information appears on the map...

01:39...and determine which maps you want to add into the template for this app.

01:43You also have the options to display the legend and description and include time-enabled maps.

01:48To add other maps to your app, enter the map IDs into the template.

01:52The map ID is listed in the URL when you open a map in the map viewer.

01:55It appears after the webmap= part of the URL.

02:00Copy this and paste it into the Webmap IDs box.

02:03Repeat this process to add two additional maps into the template.

02:06Once you are done, click Save to view your changes.

02:09Then click Done to finalize your customizations.

02:13Now it’s time to share your app.

02:15Click Share and check Everyone.

02:18By sharing your app, you allow members in your organization and the public to see it.

02:23In our example, we’ve created and shared an app that compares historic tsunami events...

02:27...on the island of Hawaii within a given period of time for the same locations.

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Create an app from a map

Learn how to create and publish web mapping applications with configurable templates.

  • Recorded: Oct 15th, 2015
  • Runtime: 02:39
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  • Published: Nov 2nd, 2015
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