00:04Using the built-in map viewer for ArcGIS Online, you can create an interactive map...

00:10...that helps you tell interesting stories, perform analysis, and solve problems.

00:17By providing a gallery of basemaps, easy ways to add layers, and smart styling defaults...

00:23...the map viewer gives you the power to make visually stunning and useful maps...

00:27...quickly and with confidence.

00:30To create your map, first zoom in to the area of interest.

00:35The great thing about searching is it weights your results to whatever part of the world...'ve zoomed in to – which makes finding what you need easier!

00:45You can add data from a file, for example, a spreadsheet, or a layer on the web.

00:53You can search for data published by your organization...

00:56...the ArcGIS Online community, and Esri.

01:01If you were interested in analyzing health care spending in Hilo... could use the Add > Search for Layers option...

01:09...and add a Health Care Spending data layer to your map; then, add some population data.

01:19Once you've added your data, you can style your map.

01:22The map viewer analyzes your data and gives you the best styling options... it's easy to create visually attractive and informative maps.

01:32You still have full control of the style details if you want.

01:36For example, you can change the colors and size of symbols.

01:45You can also change the recommended transparency and visible range of the layer.

01:53As an author, think about what kind of information you want to give your audience...

01:58...both on the map itself and in the pop-ups.

02:02Pop-ups can play an important supporting role in understanding the map.

02:07Adding tags to your map makes it easier for people to discover your items.

02:13Remember that maps can be private or shared.

02:16If you share them, they can be a part of a rich ecosystem of maps and data.

02:22This is a great way to add your voice and your work to the platform.

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Create a map

Learn how to use the built-in map viewer in ArcGIS Online to create maps.

  • Recorded: Aug 19th, 2015
  • Runtime: 02:34
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  • Published: Aug 23rd, 2015
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