00:03Using the built-in map viewer for ArcGIS Online, you can create a map that uses... to tell interesting stories, perform analysis, and solve problems.

00:13You can share your map right from the map viewer...

00:15...with anybody who has a web browser, mobile device, or desktop application.

00:20This video shows you how to make a basic map...

00:22...and assumes you have privileges to create items and share them with others.

00:25Click the New Map button to start working on your own map.

00:29When you open a new map, the About panel has guided tours to help you...

00:33...and other members of your organization learn how to make a map.

00:36With the map viewer, you have everything you need to create a useful and interesting map...

00:40...including a gallery of basemaps, easy ways to add layers, sharing options, and other tools.

00:47To create your map, first zoom in to the area of interest.

00:51It’s useful to set your extent first if you are going to be searching for data...

00:55...since the map viewer finds layers based on the range of your map.

00:58This organization’s default extent is on Hawaii Island...

01:02...since it studies geospatial data for the Big Island.

01:05Once you have your extent, you are ready to add data.

01:08You can add data from a file, for example, a spreadsheet, or a layer on the web.

01:14You can search for data published by your organization...

01:16...the ArcGIS Online community, and Esri.

01:19If you were interested in analyzing health care spending in Hilo... could use the Add > Search for Layers > Esri Map Layers option...

01:26...and add a Health Care Spending data layer to your map; then, add some related census data.

01:31Once you’ve added your data, you can see how your map looks.

01:35View the legend, change the transparency to showcase certain layers over others, and so on.

01:40You also have the option of configuring pop-ups with custom-formatted text and charts.

01:45This better provides a rich, interactive experience for visualizing...

01:49...and comparing features in a particular layer.

01:52You can choose different symbols to represent the features you’ve added to your map.

01:56Click Save and enter the title, tags, and summary information.

02:02Verify the folder you want your map to be saved in, and then click Save Map.

02:06You can find your saved maps on the My Content page.

02:09By default, your map is private, meaning it is not accessible by anybody...

02:13...but you and your organization’s administrator.

02:15Open the item details and click the thumbnail to open your map.

02:19Now that you’ve created your map, share it with your organization...

02:22...make it public, embed it in your website, or use it to create an app.

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Create a map

Learn how to use the built-in map viewer in ArcGIS Online to create maps.

  • Recorded: May 28th, 2014
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  • Published: May 29th, 2014
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