00:01One of the requirements for a platform is to make it available to all authorized users...

00:07...and to prohibit unauthorized use.

00:10So, on the surface, this might sound like usernames, passwords and SSL.

00:15But there's a lot more happening with PKI authentication and SAML single sign-on.

00:20To learn more about this, please welcome Gary Sheppard.

00:24Thanks John, Thank you.

00:27If you're a system administrator, or an IT manager... need to know what I'm going to show in the next few minutes.

00:34Everyone else?

00:36You should be aware of this, too.

00:38Now, with servers and clients, we have well-known ways of trusting servers.

00:42For example, my bank's website uses HTTPS, so that I can trust the server.

00:49But how does the server trust me?

00:51Well, I enter my username and password, but that doesn't necessarily prove that it's...

00:57...Gary Sheppard, it just proves it as someone that knows my username and password.

01:01That might be me, or it might be someone with whom I shared my username...

01:05...and password, or maybe they got it from this sticky note I left on my monitor.

01:12Now these bad practices with passwords make it hard to trust clients.

01:16Let's look at some other industry-standard authentication mechanisms...

01:21...and how they work with the ArcGIS platform.

01:25One option is PKI client authentication.

01:28With PKI, a user has a public-key certificate and a corresponding private key.

01:35The user uses the certificate and key to authenticate to a server.

01:40The certificate and key are just files, but a great way to protect them is to put them on...

01:45...a PIN-protected smart card, like this.

01:48This is the same technology as a CAC card, which many of you use daily.

01:54Let's insert our card into the smart-card reader.

01:58And now, if we navigate to an ArcGIS-based application...

02:03...the browser challenges us for a certificate.

02:06Now, this is two-factor authentication.

02:08The first factor is our certificate and the second factor is a PIN.

02:13With that certificate, ArcGIS for server can authenticate us and give us access to...

02:18...GIS services, including this map of stability operations information in Afghanistan.

02:24That's a pretty simple user experience, but behind the scenes...

02:29...ArcGIS for Server uses an LDAP identity store... verify that the certificate we presented corresponds to a valid user.

02:40Let's see how PKI looks in a different client, ArcGIS for Desktop.

02:44Now, if we connect to a GIS server, we present our certificate and our PIN...

02:50...and then ArcGIS authenticates us and gives us access to maps and other services.

02:57This PKI client authentication to ArcGIS for Server works in Desktop, web...

03:05...and the run-time SDKs, including mobile.

03:08You can use this today with the ArcGIS December update.

03:15Now let's look at some options that are coming with the June update of ArcGIS.

03:23For example, this browser already has the certificate information from the smart card.

03:28So it will use that certificate when we navigate to our organization's portal for ArcGIS.

03:36Now we have access to content...

03:38...both content that we own and content that's been shared with us.

03:42This PKI authentication to portal is coming in the ArcGIS June update...

03:47...with corresponding support in Desktop, web and mobile clients.

03:53Here's one more feature that's coming soon: Enterprise single sign-on for ArcGIS Online.

04:00Single-sign on provides convenience and improved security by having a single...

04:06...identity server for an organization.

04:09One popular single sign-on technology is SAML.

04:13Starting in June, ArcGIS Online will support SAML single sign-on.

04:18And here's how it will work...

04:20...Let's retrieve our smart card because we don't need it this time.

04:23Let's say that I work for Harbour Energy, and when I go to ArcGIS Online...

04:28...I can use my company's internal identity server to log in.

04:33You will need to do this with your organization's identity server.

04:37This log-in form is provided by whatever identity server we're using.

04:43Now when I log in, the SAML identity server provides a certificate to the browser.

04:54The browser uses that certificate to prove to ArcGIS Online that we've logged in.

05:00And then ArcGIS Online grants us access.

05:05That same log-in could be used to provide access to other resources...

05:09...both inside our organization and elsewhere.

05:13Starting in June, you'll be able to use your SAML identity server... setup authentication to ArcGIS Online.

05:23These are a few of the exciting new options for enhanced authentication in ArcGIS.


05:30Thanks Gary.

05:34I think you said it best: If you're an IT manager, care about security... need to understand all that; if you're an end-user like me...

05:41...just tell me how to log on and make it easy and make it secure.

05:44So thank you very much.

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Authentication in ArcGIS

Gary Sheppard demonstrates new authentication options for ArcGIS. The demonstration is part of the 2013 Federal User Conference plenary session. View the full video on

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