00:04CityEngine now supports new procedural operations suited for 3D landscape zoning...

00:09...allowing you to create and modify so-called 3D zoning volumes, seen here in yellow.

00:14You can adjust typical zoning parameters, such as depth of front and rear yard...

00:19...or the maximum allowed height; notice how the zoning volumes update immediately...

00:23...which is important in the planning and design process.

00:26You can click on a zoning volume and view the reports that CityEngine automatically creates.

00:32In this case, it shows important numbers such as gross floor area potential.

00:37And if you change this selected volume, the reports update instantly as well.

00:47Now, one application is to visualize the zoning volumes for as-built areas, then bring them...

00:52...back into ArcGIS and validate or analyze...

00:55...where the most potential is to invest, given the zoning.

01:01And another application is to create different scenarios of zoning plans.

01:05In this case, the 3D zoning volumes are colored by land use.

01:10You can easily generate representative buildings based on each particular...

01:13...zoning plan to visualize the potential redevelopment scenarios.

01:18And then these scenarios can be shared via ArcGIS Online in the CityEngine Web Viewer...

01:23...with decision makers or the public.

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3D Land Use Zoning

Zoning regulations are text-based descriptions (per city) of allowed building volumes, usage, and density. They are the main tool defining the image of a city and/or growth/development investment money. CityEngine 2012.1 allows you to specify, visualize, analyze, and store zoning regulations in 3D.

  • Recorded: Sep 26th, 2012
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  • Published: Sep 26th, 2012
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wonderful work!Could you please share the CGA rule file and data in this example?
zhouyin 11 Months ago
@mfisher0033  Standard CGA zoning rules will be available with the release of 10.2.

ArcGIS Resource Center Team
vrojas  (Staff Comment) 3 Years ago
Hi is the zoning regulations.cga rule file available to use an example?
mfisher0033 3 Years ago
  • 3 total