00:01CityEngine is tightly integrated with ArcGIS.

00:04Here, we have Philadelphia with about 160,000 building footprints, 40,000 streets...

00:10...and about 3,000 pictometry building models.

00:14We can simply select an area of interest in ArcMap and then run a model that sets an...

00:20...attribute on your GIS data and clips out the terrain and imagery for your area of interest.

00:34We can then bring this data back into CityEngine.

00:38We have a clipped terrain with associated imagery...

00:41...and we can select the GIS features for our area of interest.

00:46In this case, we're using a selection query to only...

00:50...load those features that we're interested in.

00:54And you'll notice that for two building footprints, there are no 3D building models.

00:58Now we can easily create these by applying a procedural rule.

01:06And then we can export the new 3D models back to the original feature class.

01:13In this case, we are appending the new models to the existing feature class...

01:17...but it is also possible to update existing 3D models.

01:23And then we can load the full feature class in ArcGlobe if we want to view it in wider extent.

01:31Or we just export our CityEngine scene to a CityEngine web scene...

01:36...and publish it on ArcGIS Online.

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Integration with ArcGIS

CityEngine 2012.1 fully supports the Esri file Geodatabase (including textured multipatches) and the Shapefile format which allows users to import/export any geo-spatial vector data such as parcels, building footprints with arbitrary attributes, or line data to create street networks. And publishing a 3D city scene on ArcGIS Online is now very easy.

The CityEngine Selection toolbox can be downloaded here.

Static 3D building data provided courtesy of Pictometry.

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  • Published: Sep 21st, 2012
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That toolbox is part of the 3DCity: maintenance example.
vrojas  (Staff Comment) 1 Year ago
@jesterjace  Thank you for posting your comment.

The CityEngine Selection toolbox can be found at the following URL.

ArcGIS Resource Center Team
vrojas  (Staff Comment) 3 Years ago

Was that toolbox ever made available? If so, could you post a link to it, please?
jesterjace 3 Years ago
@jackmac  Thank you for submitting your comment.

This toolbox will be available within the next three weeks from today.

ArcGIS Resource Center Team
vrojas  (Staff Comment) 3 Years ago
This toolbox is the feature subject of the "Integration with ArcGIS" video, but I cannot find it in any of the available tutorials or demos. Can anyone help? Thanks.

jackmac 3 Years ago
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