00:03This video shows you how to create a gallery from a group using a configurable template.

00:08Groups provide an easy way to share maps and apps...

00:11...about a specific topic for a specific group of users.

00:15Configurable apps are available from the Esri Featured Content section of the Gallery.

00:20A gallery app is a web app that showcases the group’s maps and web apps...

00:24...along with related details about the group, such as the name and description.

00:29By creating a gallery, members have fast access to the maps...

00:32...and web apps that are created by and for the group.

00:36All of the information you need to create and publish a gallery...

00:39...of maps and apps is included in the templates.

00:42To access these templates, open the Esri Featured Content section...

00:46...and click Configurable Apps.

00:49Hover over the templates’ thumbnails to read a brief description.

00:52For more information, click the Details button.

00:55Certain templates are designed specifically for groups, for example, the Public Gallery.

01:01Once you decide on the template you want to use... Publish Application to create your Public Gallery app.

01:08Enter the title, tags, and a summary; verify the folder... want to save your app to; and then click OK.

01:14Once published, you can set the sharing properties...

01:17...and begin customizing and configuring the app.

01:19A configuration page appears where you can adjust the layout of the app.

01:24You select the group to display this information to.

01:28Type the path for the banner logo image and enter the information for the footer settings.

01:34Under the general settings, you can change various settings, such as the color...

01:38...the default layout, the sort order, or even the number of items per page.

01:44Under Options, check the boxes that are most important for your group to see.

01:48This can include social media buttons, profile links, and mobile buttons.

01:54Be sure to save your changes when you are done configuring the gallery app.

01:59Once you click Done, you are taken to your app description page.

02:03To make your app accessible to others, you need to share it.

02:07Decide whether you want to only share the app within your organization or make it public.

02:11In our example, we’ve created a gallery from the configurable Public Gallery app template... display the maps and web apps created by the group of an organization...

02:20...and shared to the public.

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Create an app from a group

Learn how to create custom gallery applications with configurable templates that showcase group items.

  • Recorded: May 5th, 2014
  • Runtime: 02:28
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  • Published: May 6th, 2014
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Wow, this is amazing! It's essentially can have anyone of interest contribute.
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Very useful Grate
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