00:04As a member of an ArcGIS Online organization, you have access to the organization’s...

00:08...authoritative data and other geospatial content that you can use to create maps and apps.

00:13You can then share your work with other members of your organization...

00:17...participate in groups, and save your work.

00:20You become a member of an organization by being added automatically... the administrator or by accepting an email invitation to join the organization.

00:28This video shows you how to accept an email invitation.

00:31The administrator may have already created an account for you...

00:34...or elected to let you create your own account.

00:36If the administrator created an account for you, the user name appears in your email invitation.

00:42Take special note of how it is spelled, because your user name...

00:44...and password are case sensitive.

00:47To join the organization, you’ll need to create a password.

00:50If you don’t see a user name in the email invitation, you’ll need to create an account... part of the process of joining the organization.

00:57We’ll review both processes.

00:59First, we’ll go over the steps for joining with a pre-established user name.

01:02Click the link in the email to finish setting up your account.

01:06Fill out the necessary information, including a password and identity question.

01:18When you receive an email invitation that does not include a user name... will be directed to a page where you choose your user name...

01:24...and complete the process of joining the organization... selecting a password and security question.

01:29Click the link you see to go to the Sign in page.

01:32Click the Create A New Account button and fill in the necessary information.

01:37Once you’ve finished creating an account, click the Create My Account button.

01:41When your ArcGIS Online account is associated with an organization, your account...

01:45...and all the content that is part of that account, becomes part of the organization.

01:50Even though you have a unique login, you cannot take the account...

01:53...with you if you leave the organization.

01:55If the administrator later removes you from the organization, your content...

01:58...such as maps and data, and your groups stay with the organization...

02:02...and can be reassigned to other members.

02:04Click OK to accept these conditions.

02:06You are now a member of the organization and can begin accessing...

02:09...the organization’s resources and collaborating with other members.

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Join an organization

Learn how to accept an invitation to an organization in ArcGIS Online.

  • Recorded: Aug 15th, 2015
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  • Published: Aug 17th, 2015
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