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  • 3D Analyst – 3D Virtual Cities 56:19
    3D Analyst – 3D Virtual Cities
    Esri staff provide direction on creating, analyzing, and maintaining 3D cities using ArcGIS 10.1.
    Added: Aug 31st, 2012. Recorded: Jul 24th, 2012. 961 views, 2 like this.
  • 3D Cities: getting started 04:49
    3D Cities: getting started
    See how you can get started with creating and sharing your 3D City with ArcGIS for 3D Cities.
    Added: Aug 19th, 2013. Recorded: Aug 19th, 2013. 3566 views, 2 comments, 1 likes this.
  • 3D City Models 01:51
    3D City Models
    This video shows some examples of realistic and thematic 3D city models in ArcGIS.     'Static Building Models of Philadelphia provided by Pictometry ltd'   'Sydney Building…
    Added: Apr 25th, 2013. Recorded: Apr 25th, 2013. 6257 views, 1 comments, 3 like this.
  • 3D Geodesign: Compare phase 02:02
    3D Geodesign: Compare phase
      A key principle of Geodesign is to compare alternative designs.   In this video we show an example of comparing 2 conceptual urban designs.   Static building data provided by Pictometry…
    Added: Apr 19th, 2013. Recorded: Apr 19th, 2013. 369 views.
  • 3D Geodesign: Design phase 02:53
    3D Geodesign: Design phase
      In this video, we show how you can do conceptuel urban design using CityEngine.     Static building data provided by Pictometry ltd
    Added: Apr 19th, 2013. Recorded: Apr 19th, 2013. 665 views.
  • 3D Land Use Zoning 01:35
    3D Land Use Zoning
    Zoning regulations are text-based descriptions (per city) of allowed building volumes, usage, and density. They are the main tool defining the image of a city and/or growth/development investment money.…
    Added: Sep 26th, 2012. Recorded: Sep 26th, 2012. 7791 views, 3 comments, 2 like this.
  • 3D Modeling and Design 05:54
    3D Modeling and Design
    Gert van Maren introduces CityEngine and shows you can quickly and easily create complex 3D simulations from your existing 2D GIS data.
    Added: Jul 27th, 2011. Recorded: Jul 11th, 2011. 17666 views, 3 comments, 6 like this.
  • 3D Modeling Tools 01:34
    3D Modeling Tools
    Easy-to-use editing tools for the quick sketching and texturing of 3D building models. The resulting 3D geometries can be efficiently saved back to the File Geodatabase.
    Added: Sep 21st, 2012. Recorded: Sep 19th, 2012. 2389 views, 2 like this.
  • 3D Navigation in CityEngine 01:10
    3D Navigation in CityEngine
    This video provides a brief overview of how to navigate in 3D while inside of CityEngine version 2010.3.
    Added: Dec 14th, 2011. Recorded: Dec 13th, 2011. 1505 views, 1 likes this.