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  • Use Basic Shape Grammar in CityEngine 13:00
    Use Basic Shape Grammar in CityEngine
    This video tutorial provides a guide to model buildings using the CGA shape grammar in CityEngine version 2008.2.
    Added: Dec 14th, 2011. Recorded: Dec 13th, 2011. 2909 views, 4 comments, 2 like this.
  • Developing with Esri CityEngine 1:00:00
    Developing with Esri CityEngine
    Esri staff introduce the procedural CGA scripting language.
    Added: Oct 8th, 2012. Recorded: Jul 25th, 2012. 1674 views.
  • CityEngine: An Introduction 1:09:30
    CityEngine: An Introduction
    Esri staff provide an introduction to CityEngine for generating 3D content.
    Added: Aug 13th, 2013. Recorded: Jul 10th, 2013. 702 views.